Cracow, 2022, Jul 16th - 31st
Under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Kraków, prof. Jacek Majchrowski
Under the honorary patronage of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University, prof. Jacek Popiel
The project is financed by the Ministry of Education and Science as part of the "Doskonała Nauka" grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to come to Kraków?
In Kraków there is Balice international airport with connections from many major cities around the world and provided by many carriers, Ryanair as well considering cheaper options. One can come to Kraków by train or bus, though most of train connections in Poland are operated by national carrier therefore their range is not too big. Flixbus is available considering bus transport, though connections are mostly within central European countries. Transportation network is very well organized in Kraków and we will provide maps for municipal transport (MPK Kraków). We cannot offer such connections now because during summertime there is different schedule.
Is there cheaper lodging option available?
Dormitory we provide has negotiated prices and they are very low in comparison with different places. We offer 30 PLN per person per night in double room with bathroom for two rooms. You can get with the price as low as ~20 PLN per person per night, but most likely in crowded room of more than two people, with shared bathroom for them all, and no kitchen. We would suggest you would choose to stay in dormitory we provide. Connection from airport or train/bus station is very easy to dormitory, and connection from dormitory and our School's venue is easy as well and frequently used by the University's students.
Will there be food provided during the School?
We provide one coffee break in the morning and in the afternoon and one lunch in between. It will be a typical polish dinner consisting of soup and main course. More specifically, every day will be planned as two sessions with the lunch in between, and coffe breakes in the middle of each session. During the School there will be at least two social events. These (i.e. coffee breaks, lunches and social events) are included in the conference fee.
How expensive is daily food in Kraków?
Daily breakfasts and suppers are in the responsibility of participants. In the dormitory we are booking for the participants there are kitchens available and a cheap supermarket (Biedronka) nearby. Next to the University's campus there is also a supermarket available (Kaufland). Pots and cutlery are not available. If one would want to prepare such meals, they should have their own dishes. Self made meals should be around 5-10 PLN (~1-3 EUR) daily, depending on your appetite. Breakfasts in cheaper restaurants might be around 15-30 PLN (~3-6 EUR) and suppers probably up to 40 PLN (~10 EUR). One can find cheaper options and more expensive as well. Kraków is visited by many tourists therefore there is a lot of cafes and restaurant in the city. Shops as well. (Prices in EUR are just estimated, they might change with exchange rate)